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Ethical Political Campaigns – Any Such Thing?

I discovered today when looking around godaddy.com that ethicalcampaigns.com is available. Go figure.

It is possible to run an ethical political campaign. Whether it’s possible to run an ethical campaign and win, however, is another story. I’m not so sure. It depends on the aspect of campaigning because there are some candidates who are more ethical about the fund raising issues and there are others who are more ethical about their spin. And of course there is also a fine line between negative campaigning and unethical campaigning.

I was taught by Emerge that negative campaigning is actually necessary when it is appropriate to point out inconsistencies in an opponent’s voting record or any risks about his/her experience and/or character that could be a problem if the person were to be elected. So in that case, supposedly it’s okay but we all know that can be taken to extremes.

This is the point in the campaigns where whatever’s left of the really sticky mud starts flying, so I guess we’ll see how bad it gets this year. Both parties are trying their best to hold onto and gain seats in Congress so I’m assuming the most mud will be seen there. In any case, it’ll be amusing to see how long ethicalcampaigns.com stays available.