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Errors Reported in E-Voting Machines Across the Country

It’s started. The reports are coming in – errors in many kinds of electronic voting machines around the country are occurring and they’re major. VotersUnite.org has a great Election Problem Log page where they report any problem noted in the media.

Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, California, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Washington, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia and Nevada have all reported errors so far.

Do what you can – request a paper ballot.

And check out HBO’s documentary, “Hacking Democracy” airing Tuesday.


  1. >You know what’s ironic? We have Americans running to ‘third world’ countries to monitor their voting procedures. Jeez.

  2. >Oh, don’t remind me!Yes, that is a bit scary, isn’t it? And what’s even scarier is that many many countries have worse systems than ours – with evidence of fraud in up to 40% of the votes I seem to recall.

  3. >I feel a need to speak up for Colorado here. Of the 3 problems reported for Colorado, 2 of them are actually related to *paper* ballots which were printed incorrectly. The remaining electronic voting report has to do with poll workers being afraid of computers, and doesn’t actually report a problem occuring. I voted last week at one of the new vote centers on one of the new Sequoia machines with paper verification and other than a long wait because I went at lunch time, had no problems.

  4. >Good to hear. Thanks. (Well, it’s good to hear the e-voting went fine but not good to hear about the paper ballot problems.) In a previous post about e-voting machine problems, I noted that poll worker education is still a problem, but I’m sorry if it looked like I was lumping that in with the machine problems themselves.