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Eco-Fads in Magazines & Atherton Green Event

Green is the new black, gray, white, and everything in-between this month. With Earth Day around the corner, everyone is jumpimg on the eco-bandwagon. San Francisco led the publication frenzy, with Town & Country and 7×7 not far behind. Oddly enough, Town & Country was the only one to include a section printed on recycled paper. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of research put together by each of these magazines on sustainable and environmental design and lifestyle options. Definitely a step in the right direction.

I’m helping with Atherton’s Earth Week celebration on April 21st, putting together some eco fashion for the event. If you live in the Bay Area, come join the event – it’s open to everyone, not just members of the Atherton community. If you don’t live here, check out the site anyway because it is a fabulous model of how to educate people about how to make an environmental impact locally. (More news to come as we complete the planning.)


  1. >Hey Sarah-Really funny because my husband asked me to look on the internet to find out about earth week and your post came up first in google – and had the link to the site. Thanks!!!