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E-Mail Security Flap in Nevada Governor’s Office

This is classic… according to Declan McCullagh of the Politech mailing list & CNET News, someone in the Nevada governor’s office I’ll only assume accidentally posted the password to the official Governor’s email list and Outlook account password on the gubernatorial web site via a MS Word document that instructed aides on how to send out weekly email updates.

The current Governor, Jim Gibbons, a Republican, must not have much in terms of tech-savvy staff since (this is my favorite part) the password on the account was ‘kennyc’, the name of the former Republican governor, Kenny C. Guinn. (Note: the old password was weak, let alone the fact that it’s how old?)

The full story details the instructional document and a few additional related facts. As Declan notes, it’s possible that there’s a firewall or some sort of security above and beyond the password “protection” in their system, so had someone attempted to use that password from the outside to hack in, it may not have worked… we can only assume they’ve changed it by now having heard about this post. Still, this is one of the most embarrassing political computer security stories I’ve ever heard.