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Do Iowa Caucus Results Mean Anything?

It’s all about money and surviving through February. The top three in each party will keep raising the money and the rest are basically out at this point. Some will stick around just so their voices are heard, but this is when Dodd, Biden, and sadly Richardson will say goodbye. (CNN has announced Dodd and Biden are already officially out.) It’s all about Obama, Clinton and Edwards. We knew Edwards would do well in Iowa because he did well in ’04. But that doesn’t mean that the election has gone to Obama. He won the MySpace primary, but that’s because his campaign has been working hard on MySpace since day one and most of the others haven’t been giving it much thought. So my feeling here is that the race is still up for grabs. Iowa gave Edwards the momentum he sought, but whether it’ll give him the money or the votes in other states to keep him alive remains to be seen.

I just watched Obama give his speech as winner of the Iowa caucuses – he’s such a great speaker, but it remains to be seen as to whether he can actually deliver. But the good news is the race is finally on. All of these months of campaigning the past year are finally producing results! We’re steps closer to either our first woman or first black president. Time to re-engage and start watching the sparks fly.