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Coverage from Democratic National Convention

I’m still catching-up from covering the Democratic National Convention, but I’ve done a terrible job logging all of what I wrote about the experience and I’ve been getting several requests to summarize and link to the posts from the week. So belatedly, here they are:

Women for Obama Blog
Coming Together

WomenCount Blog
Unconventional Nancy Pelosi Calls for More Women in Government
WomenCount Launch Celebration at DNCC (edited and half written by me; the rest by other MOMocrats)
Out of the Race, But Continuing to Fight for Issues Important to Women

Also, here’s a post about a panel I was on for WomenCount in The Big Tent: Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: A WomenCount Panel. Erin Kotecki Vest of BlogHer, also on the panel, wrote a post about it including Q&A following the discussion. I heard through the grapevine the entire video was supposed to be up at The Big Tent YouTube channel, but I have yet to find that.

FutureCampaigns Blog
The DNCC & Netroots: They’re Beginning to Get It

BlogHer Politics
From Twitter to Tear Gas: MOMocrats Take Denver & the DNCC
MOMocrats Rubbing Elbows at the Democratic National Convention
Hillary Clinton Calls for Vote by Affirmation – Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee
MOMocrats at the DNCC: We Came, We Saw, We’re Exhausted

Barack Obama is the Nominee – Vote by Affirmation!
The DNC: Up & Coming Democratic Leaders
No Police Outside Invesco for Obama Speech – Longest Lines in History (the night of the big event at Invesco field)

Here are some great photos of the MOMocrats in a post by Glennia Campbell, MOMocrats Managing Editor, and Glennia’s flickr stream has more great images.