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Comments Configuration

I first setup the comments with the Blogger default to require a password and it sounds like a pain. Then I left it open for a few days and got a few more comments. Eventually I closed them again because I heard all sorts of stories about spammers & trolls. But I’m not getting a ton of traffic so I’m inclined to just open it back up again. I’ve done that for the purposes of getting responses to this post so anyone can reply.

Please tell me what you think – do you prefer it when you can use an account to post comments or is it too much of a pain that you would rather have them open? Thanks.


  1. >Although I have an account, I’d prefer the flexibility of leaving comments with or without an account.

  2. >All the same to me. Typically there aren’t a lot of comments on blogs as they start up anyway becuase it takes a while for things to get going – don’t stress about that!