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Celebrate Live Earth & 77 Survival Skills

So Live Earth started 3 hours ago in Australia and will continue around the globe all day today. Some of my favorite musicians are performing all over the world, but if I had to choose, I’d be in London where Genesis, Madonna and Metallica will all be on stage. Quite a mix. But if you can’t be in any of the great cities where the concerts are happening, they’re all on XM Radio and many will be broadcast on the Sundance Channel. Better yet, MoveOn.org is hosting a global “Party for the Planet” care of anyone who wants to throw one. Bonus track: Presidential candidates preview their plans for the environment. (See their site for more info.)

As Nadine mentioned, the Global Warming Survival Handbook contains some great tips for what we can all do to be green, good, sustainable and responsible. I reserved my copy and got it in the mail last week – it’s very well written, with a brief synopsis of ten easy things we can all do at the beginning, and then a 2-page spread for each of the 77 things throughout the book. Some of them are funny, a la the Worst Case Scenario handbooks, but they get the point across: act now or suffer the consequences later. See some of the “Climate Crisis Solutions” online.

I urge everyone to read Al Gore’s article from the New York Times about where we are now, how urgent the climate crisis is, and how the U.S. government must act in order to save the planet over the next ten years. And sign the Live Earth pledge and learn more at algore.com about how to get involved.