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Recent News

In June, Sarah served on the host committee for Netroots Nation in San Jose. In May, Sarah spoke at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on “Cybersecurity: Transparency and Civil Society.”  She was also interviewed on WMCLive, the Womens Media Center’s Radio Show, about cybersecurity, women in tech, and workplace flexibility in Silicon Valley. Sarah […]

Advice on Being a Solopreneur

I just sat in on a panel this morning at the annual Women’s Leadership Conference produced by Women in Periodical Publishing. Having previously been a speaker on how to be a consultant, I wanted to see how this panel would differ since it was all about being a solo practitioner as a journalist, i.e. freelancer, […]

Recap of a busy week – politics, new media, gov 2.0 and more

Last week was a whirlwind on the local level… after Newsom dropped out of the CA governors’ race, I wrote a piece about it that had a pretty good reception at The Huffington Post but was maimed by trolls at SFGate. Having seen this happen before for other writers, I reluctantly decided to remove all […]


A lot’s been happening lately for me – elsewhere… so here’s a bit of a summary for those who are curious. Also, I keep recent news of what I’ve been doing professionally updated typically at my professional website, SarahGranger.com. My new media consulting (via PublicEdge) is going well. I’m working primarily with WomenCount as their […]

Fem 2.0

The question of where to go in terms of the feminist movement in the future with new media and the new millennium is a big one, and several people got together to plan a conference and brainstorming session around this concept. Feminism encompasses a broad range of ideals including gender equity, equal rights, pay equity, […]

Latest writing…

For those who want to keep up on what I’m doing, I’m still keeping busy, although taking a brief breather now that the election is done. I’m excited about a small project I took on earlier in the year that just launched – the California Legacy Trails, part of the California Museum of History, Women […]

Off the Bus Growth Noted in NYTimes Caucus Blog

Katharine Seelye put up a nice post today about The Huffington Post “Off The Bus” project where I’m a National Correspondent (weekly columnist). I had no idea they had so many people involved in the project; no wonder they always seem so busy. The content is good and changes regularly. I’m excited to be a […]

First Huffington Post Piece is Up

There’s more in the works soon, but for now, my first post is up at The Huffington Post for “Off The Bus“. I was planning to just write an intro to the Personal Democracy Forum conference and then they announced the Twitter debate, so I used that to get into the topic. (And I love […]

Books & Blogs

More bloggers are writing books and vice versa – it’s a nice combination. And more bloggers are being approached to review the books. Last night, I attended a launch party with other members of the media and tech companies, sponsored by the Horn Group for Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff’s new book, Groundswell. Li and […]

Done Lately?

I’m not writing here much right now, but I have been busy on many many collaborative sites so I wanted to share a brief update about that… I recently joined the MOMocrats. I’ve been blogging about politics on and off for a while, and doing it on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog gave a few […]