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For those who want to keep up on what I’m doing, I’m still keeping busy, although taking a brief breather now that the election is done. I’m excited about a small project I took on earlier in the year that just launched – the California Legacy Trails, part of the California Museum of History, Women […]

Two Great Chronicle Articles: Web to TV & Blogging with Babies

In today’s Chronicle, two interesting articles: First, “Web sites enable campaign TV ads on the cheap” by Joe Garofoli tells about how the web and sites like VoterVoter.com and SpotRunner.com are making video ads easier and cheaper to create and disseminate, and it discusses the ramifications of this in terms of the presidential campaign. Micah […]

StumbleUpon and South Park Create-A-Character Game

Chuck has become addicted to StumbleUpon and has been flooding my inbox with his stumblings… I haven’t gotten to half of them, but this one caught my eye and I must admit, it’s really fun – a South Park Create-A-Character game. I created a Kenny, Angel of Death, complete with a halo and wings, splattered […]

YouTube Videos a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I’ve figured it out. The Republicans are the ones really behind the videos like “1984”, “Obama Girl” and “I Feel Pretty” (or whatever it’s called – aka, Edwards’s hair). They purposely chose images and audio that would get stuck in our heads and cause psychological trauma in order to weaken us, and it’s working. Now […]

BlogHer Second Life Politics Panel – Audio/Video Online

The panel I was on in online at the BlogHer Second Life conference on Saturday was recorded on TV in Second Life so it is now available for viewing on the SLCN.TV web site. I called-in from the Chicago Navy Pier conference center so that’s my real voice in the recording. My avatar is the […]

Live Earth Store & Charity Auction

Live Earth is going strong with concerts still happening in the U.S.. If you want to get an eco-friendly t-shirt or belt to support the cause, check out the Live Earth Store. They have shirts made from bamboo and organic cotton as well as belts from recycled fireman’s hoses. They look great too! Also take […]

Celebrate Live Earth & 77 Survival Skills

So Live Earth started 3 hours ago in Australia and will continue around the globe all day today. Some of my favorite musicians are performing all over the world, but if I had to choose, I’d be in London where Genesis, Madonna and Metallica will all be on stage. Quite a mix. But if you […]

Newsweek poll shows all Dems ahead

Each of the respective campaigns will be spinning this however they can, but the news is that the latest Newsweek poll has all 3 top Democratic presidential contenders beating out all 3 top Republican contenders. Margins differ of course, but the top match-up is Yankees v. Mets… Clinton edges out Giuliani (whose name hopefully I’ll […]

Democratic Debate Winners

I watched both the first and second Democratic presidential debates tonight. I was somewhat annoyed that the questions tonight still related so much to Iraq and healthcare, but some other important issues were touched upon such as the situation in Darfur and the environment. I wish the environment were taking a greater role in the […]

Treading Carefully Online & “Good Morning America”/ABC News How-Tos

Internet defamation is hardly new, but the way it can happen to younger people in situations where they are hurt before even entering the workplace is a serious issue. “Good Morning America” put up a segment on this today and I was shown as an Internet privacy expert. The ABC News video lasts 5 minutes […]