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STEM and Star Wars

Today, I spent a good fifteen minutes waiting for starwars.com to load from my iPhone in a parking lot as I waited to read the big casting announcement for the first in the Disney-Lucasfilm partnership to take over Star Wars: Episode VII. Once the page finally came up on my phone, I realized that this […]

Tomorrow We May See Santa on Mars

The debate about what created the “canals” on Mars and whether it had polar caps like Earth’s has gone on for a while now and no new evidence has been found even with the various missions conducted thus far. We’re finally making some progress collecting data samples in Martian soil now over the past 10 […]

RIP Arthur Clarke, One of Sci-Fi’s Greatest

He turned Jupiter into a second sun and now he’s gone. At age 90, one of science fiction’s greatest, Arthur C. Clarke, has died. He passed his last years in Sri Lanka, this Brit served in the Royal Air Force in WWII, survived polio, designed preliminary modern satellites, and wrote classics like 2001: A Space […]

Star Wars, Candidates, and Shot Down Satellites

It’s my birthday; I can cry if I want to… getting older isn’t what it used to be. I saw Princess Leia live this week and seeing her age just brings home my own aging. But I was really happy to see Carrie Fisher’s one woman autobiographical play, “Wishful Drinking”, at the Berkeley Rep. Definitely […]

A Monopoly On Nerdiness?

So now another AARP aged Microsoft billionaire, Charles Simonyi, supposedly claims he “might be the first nerd in space”. Hah. So now Microsoft is claiming a monopoly on nerdiness? Please. First of all, if he were really that nerdy, he would’ve figured out a way to make Excel and Word more efficiently coded. Secondly, NASA […]

NASA Launches VC for Mars Mission Prep

Here’s something interesting I found on VentureBeat: Red Planet Capital, a $75Million venture capital fund fased at NASA Ames here in Mountain View, will be funding businesses that develop technology for space exploration. In his post, “NASA Ames Research Center has vital role in future space exploration”, Pete Worden (NASA Ames Director) writes about all […]

Shuttle Atlantis Mission Going Well

Friday, the only remaining Space Shuttle from the original fleet, Atlantis, blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA blogged the launch. It’s amazing how many little things go into a shuttle launch as I learned at Space Camp (technically Space Academy, Level II) in 1989. The blog reminded me. It features a number […]

A Ceres of Planets

A giant asteroid named Ceres is being considered for initiation in the most exclusive club in the Solar System: the Planets. If your astronomy’s a little rusty, here’s a refresher: there’s an asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter – in essence, a bunch of rocks. The predominant theory for the asteroid belt is when […]