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Geek Summit, Social Media Style

In a flurry of panels, one-on-one dialogues, product promos and surprise guests, the three day Web 2.0 Summit just held in San Francisco felt a bit like speed dating for tech companies: “Hi, my name’s HP and I’m eco-friendly. What’s your sign?”“Nice to meet you. I’m Google, and I can search your shared social media […]

Blogging the Democratic National Convention This Week

Thanks to the MOMocrats for initiating this great project… I’m going to Denver today, covering the Democratic National Convention for several online publications (mostly blogs) including: Sairy BlogHer MOMocrats Obama HQ Blog WomenCount Blog FutureCampaigns Blog Silicon Valley Moms Blog Huffington Post – Off the Bus The Political Voices of Women I’ll be spending time […]

Sebelius is Ready for DC and Coming to SF

As I wrote at MOMocrats today, I’m a big fan and supporter of Kathleen Sebelius. I may have mentioned that on this blog before as well. Essentially she took on a tough job as governor of Kansas – she’s a woman Democrat in a state traditionally governed by Republican white guys. Mostly anyway. Now she […]

Election Day Tomorrow – Make a Difference!

Just a reminder, particularly to Californians and San Franciscans who read this blog – tomorrow is election day. You can vote for Mayor of San Francisco or Palo Alto City Council and School Board or Menlo Park Fire District or whatever fits your locale, but don’t think this election doesn’t matter – local politics are […]

If You Want to Write a Novel, There’s No Time Like November

National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, begins again this Thursday, November 1st. It’s a month-long journey into the experience of speed fiction, and tens of thousands (perhaps more?) have participated to date. “The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.” Loads of people do it, and they love it. The […]

New Environmental Activism Social Network eRedux

This is in just-launched mode, but it’s worth a look – eRedux – “neighborhood-level social networking about the environment.” It doesn’t necessarily offer any features we haven’t seen before in other places, but it’s all targeted to local and environmental concepts. For example, the front page currently shows a cool carbon footprint map by state, […]

Hillary in Hillsborough

How could she not open her speech by talking about the weather on a day like yesterday? I could see across the Bay from this amazing property in Hillsborough – Redwood trees, gazebo and terraced gardens overlooked a tented lawn and the most perfect pool setting I’ve seen outside of Italy. Hillary Clinton, hopeful first […]

Cybersalon Summary From Last Week – Politics 101, Web 2.0, and Democracy vs. Demagoguery

First mentioned at Cybersalon, a “round table” (round room) discussion that took place in Berkeley last weekend, was that Joan Blades of MoveOn and MomsRising couldn’t attend due to the Senate’s censure of MoveOn for the Petraeus-Betray Us ad. The group (40 or so people, mostly local) discussed whether MoveOn’s decision to run costly print […]

Rosebud Revisited – Peter Finch & Thunderbird Theatre Production in SF

What do H. G. Wells, Orson Welles, Huey Lewis and Tom Stoppard have in common? “Aaah! Rosebud,” a new play by KFOG News Director, Peter Finch, directed by Dylan Russell and produced by the Thunderbird Theatre Company. A comedy of Evil Dead proportions, featuring an “evil sled” (often referred to as a “she-devil” by multiple […]

Seeking Women to Run for Office

The following is excerpted from something that was sent to me through Emerge America, a national women’s Democratic political leadership training program): “Can you think of a “PTA mom” who should run for school board? A community leader who should run for city council? A businesswoman who should run for the legislature? Introducing the She […]