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Fly, Be Free for the Holidays… Or Not

For those traveling over the holidays, check out this amusing comic at The Moderate Voice from The Hartford Courant. I still don’t understand why we had to pour out one ounce of water from my daughter’s sippy cup the last time we were going through a security line. (Of course the time before that, they […]

Connecting With Elizabeth Edwards

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog and sister sites (via conference call) Chicago Moms Blog and DC Metro Moms Blog had a unique opportunity to meet with Elizabeth Edwards in San Jose yesterday. As I’ve been contributing to the blog now for over a year, this was my second chance to meet with this remarkable woman, […]

Wiretapping Insecurity – New Law’s Loopholes

I don’t understand it – one would really like to think our lawmakers would have security in mind, on all levels and from all angles, when devising new policies about security. One would (ok at least I would) especially like to think that recommendations for policies provided by the NSA would be even more concerned […]

Water Tables, Wasps, Web & Warfare

I can’t keep track of everything going on, but amidst trying to order a water play table for my daughter, keep wasps (actually yellow jackets, I guess) away from her swingset, and follow news about how the Chinese are planning to attack us online (wtf?) along with all of the SVMoms’ political activity after a […]

E-Mail Security Flap in Nevada Governor’s Office

This is classic… according to Declan McCullagh of the Politech mailing list & CNET News, someone in the Nevada governor’s office I’ll only assume accidentally posted the password to the official Governor’s email list and Outlook account password on the gubernatorial web site via a MS Word document that instructed aides on how to send […]

Not Quite Robin Hood – ID Theft Scams and Nonprofits

According to this Slashdot post (via Symantec), a new identity theft tactic is to test out stolen credit card numbers on nonprofit web sites to determine whether accounts are valid before going on to use the cards elsewhere. Although it might sound like a Robin Hood scheme at first – giving money to charity – […]

BigFix Presidential Campaign Winning Online

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, BigFix, an Emeryville-based IT Security & Compliance Provider, is running a faux viral presidential campaign online to gain traffic and interest in the site. It’s working… their pretend candidate, Ray Hopewood, is on Flickr, MySpace, and everywhere in-between. Check out his web site. It’s pretty good. […]

Hillary Clinton’s Promise

I saw Hillary Clinton speak a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. She packed a ballroom at the Sheraton Palace Hotel full of people for lunch. Most in the audience were women who heard about the event through word of mouth and womens’ political organizations in the area, since the event was organized by […]

Treading Carefully Online & “Good Morning America”/ABC News How-Tos

Internet defamation is hardly new, but the way it can happen to younger people in situations where they are hurt before even entering the workplace is a serious issue. “Good Morning America” put up a segment on this today and I was shown as an Internet privacy expert. The ABC News video lasts 5 minutes […]

Online Account Nonsense

About once a week, I find myself creating a hand full of new accounts for various sites that I may or may not ever use again. And then there are the couple that expired or were purged that I have to renew. Of course also we can’t forget the passwords that need to be changed […]