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Big Data, Cybersecurity & Digital Empowerment

In my career to date, I’ve researched or worked on pretty much every topic in information technology and digital media, from online culture to data security. Sometimes it seems like I’m shifting gears from one radically different topic to another when I speak to various media sources as an expert source, but at the foundation, it all […]

Recent News

In June, Sarah served on the host committee for Netroots Nation in San Jose. In May, Sarah spoke at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on “Cybersecurity: Transparency and Civil Society.”  She was also interviewed on WMCLive, the Womens Media Center’s Radio Show, about cybersecurity, women in tech, and workplace flexibility in Silicon Valley. Sarah […]

Recent thoughts on open government and cybersecurity

The two biggest issue areas in IT policy that I’ve been working on the past few years include open government and cybersecurity. While they may sound like they’re in opposition, that’s not really the case. It is possible to have smart security and open government. Not everything can be open, not everything can be secured. […]

New Bi-Partisan Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia

I’m happy to learn that Senator Hart will be co-chairing a new commission, announced this week, on U.S. policy toward Russia, along with Senator Hagel. The commission will produce a report for the next U.S. presidential administration. I look forward to reading it. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

Finally Some Electrical Grid Protection

The NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) released a plan to deal with threats to grid security. Here’s more on that. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

Government Still Can’t Handle Crypto

Is it 1995? No? 2008? Shocking, considering it seems not much has really happened in terms of crypto standards. Here’s the latest from Security Focus. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

Security Hole Left Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable for Months

THIS is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night… That, and of course the general ineptitude of our government in terms of adequately dealing with the environmental crisis. Sigh. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

The Internet is Helping Us in Natural Disasters, But Not Enough

I just published a new post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about what’s now being called the “Summit Fire” in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Watsonville. As a kid who grew-up in tornado country, I was completely clueless about wildfires until yesterday. Now I’ve been studying everything available online to track the blaze because […]

Internet Archive Wins Settlement with FBI

From the Chronicle, the Internet Archive recently won a settlement with the FBI about a “national security letter” i.e. government request for private information that was sent to them demanding they turn over data that they probably don’t even have. The Archive, legally considered an online library, for those who don’t know, was founded by […]

Then What Exactly Does the Pentagon Do?

Here’s a scary article – supposedly according to a retired Major General, the Pentagon’s disaster planning “couldn’t move a Girl Scout unit”. Well, in their defense, a bunch of girls is hard to herd, but this is really sad considering the billions we spend in tax dollars that ends up flowing through the Pentagon. So […]