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The Internet is Helping Us in Natural Disasters, But Not Enough

I just published a new post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about what’s now being called the “Summit Fire” in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Watsonville. As a kid who grew-up in tornado country, I was completely clueless about wildfires until yesterday. Now I’ve been studying everything available online to track the blaze because […]

Announcing Playborhood – A Site for Developing Neighborhood Communities Surrounding Play

I’m participating in a new project – Playborhood.com – just launched within the hour, where our goal is to reach out to people who seek better play-based communities and neighborhoods for their children. So many families now have structured play all the time and neighborhoods where they don’t feel safe letting their kids just go […]

Help Save Berkeley Landmark Ice Rink!

If you’re a figure skating fan, could you picture figure skating history without Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano, Rudy Galindo, and even Sonja Henie? Of course not, that’s absurd! Well, the Berkeley Iceland (in Berkeley, CA) was home to all of these skaters at one time or another – some only on occasion but it has […]

Missing Cable Coop

I just moved, so I apologize for the lack of posts this week but it’s been crazy. (See my “Stuck in Contractor Hell” post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog from a couple weeks ago.) In any case, we’re finally in the house and I am using CAT5 in the wall that works! Cable modem’s […]

Macs Running the Home of the Future Now and the IRIX File System

MacWorld unveiled a “home automation tool” called Indigo. Supposedly it lets you do things like turn on your lights with your cell phone and change your sprinkler schedule from your laptop in bed. The epitomy of laziness and complete convenience. I read about it on the O’Reilly Network. Adam Goldstein profiled Indigo and its uber […]

SOMA Twins To Tower Over San Francisco

Paul Boutin <a href="http://paulboutin.weblogger.com/2006/12/22#a1649“reported Friday that two buildings to meet the #3 in height in the US were proposed to the City of San Francisco. The Sears Tower and Empire State building would be the two taller structures. It’s actually 5 buildings in total – “… two 1,200-foot towers, two 900-foot structures and a 600-foot […]