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Done Lately?

I’m not writing here much right now, but I have been busy on many many collaborative sites so I wanted to share a brief update about that… I recently joined the MOMocrats. I’ve been blogging about politics on and off for a while, and doing it on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog gave a few […]

If You Want to Write a Novel, There’s No Time Like November

National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, begins again this Thursday, November 1st. It’s a month-long journey into the experience of speed fiction, and tens of thousands (perhaps more?) have participated to date. “The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.” Loads of people do it, and they love it. The […]

Philanthropy & SFBayStyle

I have a lot to post on this blog, but it may be a few days… I’m working on getting a couple of collaborative sites rolling. I’ve mentioned SFBayStyle.com before – it’s really growing now. We’re adding writers and events. We have a whole lot of nonprofit philanthropic events we’ll be covering in the next […]

New York Times & Women in Online Politics

Yesterday, New York Times reporter, Katharine (Kit) Seeyle, published an inquiry on their blog, “The Caucus”, asking readers to respond to “why more men seemed to be involved in politics online than women… if you agreed with that and… why or why not.” The discussion is still going strong in the comments there, and today […]

$100 Will Soon Buy A Laptop & $200 Will Send a Second To a Child in Rwanda…

Or Haiti, Cambodia or Afghanistan. Pretty cool, huh? According to BBC News, the laptops will be green or white and will work in the sun and with a variety of power options. The program is called G1G1 or “give one, get one”. It’s developed by OLPC (One Laptop Per Child). They supposedly run on 10% […]

Change.org Presidential Matchmaker Feature

One of my favorite sites in the whole world (and as it turns out, it’s locally run)is Change.org. Tonight, I met the founder, Ben Rattray, who is – no surprise – both knowledgeable and passionate about enabling people to take action for important causes and candidates. While poking around Change.org further, I found a cool […]

Vote in BlogHers Act Poll on Global Healthcare

BlogHers Act is taking on a year-long initiative to make an impact in an area selected by BlogHer members. We voted and the topic selected was global healthcare, but since that is so broad, we’re trying to narrow it down some. Here’s a poll on sub-topics. You can select more than one… View MicroPollWeb SurveyFree […]

Kos’s Keynote

If you didn’t make it to the Yearly KOS convention, you can still see and read Kos’s keynote. It’s an inspiring look at what one person can really do to make a difference given the technology we now have at our fingertips. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

BlogHer 2007 Update

I’m entering day two of BlogHer – yesterday we launched BlogHers ACT and we’ll be focusing on “global health” which encompasses a lot of issues, so we’re working on narrowing it down. Two big things that came out of the brainstorm session yesterday were “empowering midwives” and “clean water.” Essentially women and children are the […]

Patagonia’s Latest Grantee & New Palo Alto Store

Saturday, the new Patagonia store in Palo Alto held their Grand Opening. With hourly raffles, live music, and community organizations in-house, it was really fun. (Not to mention the shopping. I came out with an organic cotton/hemp blend jacket and an organic cotton cap.) The new space suits the store well. I was impressed with […]