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Returning to Reading

I’ve always been a reader, but at some point after becoming a parent, my reading gravitated entirely to nonfiction. Partly the function of my work as a writer, researcher, strategist, etc., partly due to my cluelessness as a parent (let’s just say I digested my fair share of parenting tomes), and also a practical function […]

YouTube as the Media of Record?

I participated in FutureCast in April, hosted by Andrew Keen in Palo Alto, and the guest speaker was filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, who released her film, The Science of Character, globally that day. The discussion following the film encompassed a wide range of topics and ideas about the future of technology, but mostly it focused on […]

Two Great Chronicle Articles: Web to TV & Blogging with Babies

In today’s Chronicle, two interesting articles: First, “Web sites enable campaign TV ads on the cheap” by Joe Garofoli tells about how the web and sites like VoterVoter.com and SpotRunner.com are making video ads easier and cheaper to create and disseminate, and it discusses the ramifications of this in terms of the presidential campaign. Micah […]

Done Lately?

I’m not writing here much right now, but I have been busy on many many collaborative sites so I wanted to share a brief update about that… I recently joined the MOMocrats. I’ve been blogging about politics on and off for a while, and doing it on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog gave a few […]

Hillary Hopes to Breathe Life Back into Work-Life Balance

I used to think creating work-life balance was a matter of just taking control over your own life. And to a certain extent, it is. But there are factors in our society as Americans that have really gotten out-of-control. In other countries, new mothers have an opportunity to take real time off to spend with […]

Announcing Playborhood – A Site for Developing Neighborhood Communities Surrounding Play

I’m participating in a new project – Playborhood.com – just launched within the hour, where our goal is to reach out to people who seek better play-based communities and neighborhoods for their children. So many families now have structured play all the time and neighborhoods where they don’t feel safe letting their kids just go […]

Connecting With Elizabeth Edwards

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog and sister sites (via conference call) Chicago Moms Blog and DC Metro Moms Blog had a unique opportunity to meet with Elizabeth Edwards in San Jose yesterday. As I’ve been contributing to the blog now for over a year, this was my second chance to meet with this remarkable woman, […]

iPhone Guest Blog at TechMamas

I found some great reasons why the iPhone is a fantastic tool for active parents, and Beth Blecherman of TechMamas was kind enough to allow me to post them on her blog. I still have some issues with the iPhone, of course – it’s not perfect – but it represents a major leap in technology […]

More on Mommybloggers & Media

Looks like the recent parenting controversy is giving candidates media spikes. See the TechPresident Technorati Tracking page where you’ll notice all of the candidates received a significant spike from Thursday’s posts – particularly John Edwards and Hillary Clinton. (Here again is the SVMoms post that received a ton of traffic). See also: Morra Aarons’s take […]

Two New Articles at DigitalLanding.com

One of my writing clients is Acceller, recently ranked as one of Inc. magazine’s top 500 fastest growing private companies (#54). They just launched their new Digital Landing site, where two of my articles have been published. (More to come.) My first article, Tips for Installing a Cable Modem, covers the basics of setting up […]