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Leadership in the Digital Age – Video

I’ve done a lot of thinking, writing and speaking about leadership and empowerment in the digital age. I plan to do more in the future, but you can now click here to view a video from the Cardea Center where I speak to this topic – with women in particular in mind.  

Some Musings, After 10 Years of Blogging

I’ve missed blogging. Writing my first book has been taking most of my writing time and energy the past year and now that I’m almost done, I can truly say it’s been an amazing experience, but I miss blogging. Real blogging. Not microblogging like what we do on Facebook or Twitter. Not long feature articles, […]

Welcome to Sarah’s New Website

Welcome to my new website. I’m proud to have worked with Connect Interactive to get a fresh look and feel, along with improved site navigation and blogging components. The site will continue to be updated over the coming days, weeks and months, so look for a few more changes in the near future. A few […]

Recent thoughts on open government and cybersecurity

The two biggest issue areas in IT policy that I’ve been working on the past few years include open government and cybersecurity. While they may sound like they’re in opposition, that’s not really the case. It is possible to have smart security and open government. Not everything can be open, not everything can be secured. […]

Facebook Birthdays

Today’s my birthday, and everyone knows it thanks to Facebook. But I’m OK with that because I have come to look forward to the birthday greetings once a year, particularly after my dad’s death. It’s been nice to know friends are nearby, sending kind notes and messages. The Causes app is also great – I […]

Using social media while grieving

Today I put up a post at SFGate about what I went through online while grieving the first month following my dad’s death. It’s called “Stages of Grieving Online.” I took the commonly used stages of dealing with grief and transported it to the online experience I had. I hope it is helpful to people.

Social media in political campaigns

I could write volumes about social media use in campaigns, but I put up a post at SFGate that explains where we are now, esp. in respect to local and statewide races for the 2010 election.

Social media for breaking gender barriers in government

One of the things I’ve tried to do with this blog – since it’s a casual one – is make a lot of useful lists for people. I’ve written some of those at other places as well, and put tips in other locations, but most of my notes, lists, tips tend to end up here. […]

New media revenue models

At today’s Women in Periodical Publishing annual Women’s Leadership Conference, many of the sessions focused on the future of media and how to make money off the media (i.e. how to stay alive, adapt and thrive). Since the speakers were so kind to share what they have learned from their research and experience, I compiled […]

Social Networking How-To’s

I’ve written several articles for Digital Landing and it’s a great site for beginner tips on IT, cable, mobile and social media. Here’s a link to their social media page where there are links to articles I wrote about Twitter basics, Twitter Lists, Google Wave and more.