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Using social media while grieving

Today I put up a post at SFGate about what I went through online while grieving the first month following my dad’s death. It’s called “Stages of Grieving Online.” I took the commonly used stages of dealing with grief and transported it to the online experience I had. I hope it is helpful to people.

The Internet is Helping Us in Natural Disasters, But Not Enough

I just published a new post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about what’s now being called the “Summit Fire” in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Watsonville. As a kid who grew-up in tornado country, I was completely clueless about wildfires until yesterday. Now I’ve been studying everything available online to track the blaze because […]

Iowa Caucuses and the Zone Diet

40/30/30 is how the Zone Diet reads – 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. That’s how the Iowa caucus results came across for the Democrats. 38% for Obama, the sugars – what brightens our eyes, what gives us energy and motivates us. 30% for Edwards, the fats – buttering us up, telling us what […]

BlogHers Act for MOTHERS Act

We’ve all heard the stories – moms who are incapacitated by depression, launched into this state of anxiety, sadness, loneliness that they can’t seem to break out of – it’s called Postpartum Depression. But what many people don’t know is that this disease is much more complex than it sounds. In fact, one thing I […]

Hillary in Hillsborough

How could she not open her speech by talking about the weather on a day like yesterday? I could see across the Bay from this amazing property in Hillsborough – Redwood trees, gazebo and terraced gardens overlooked a tented lawn and the most perfect pool setting I’ve seen outside of Italy. Hillary Clinton, hopeful first […]

Hillary Hopes to Breathe Life Back into Work-Life Balance

I used to think creating work-life balance was a matter of just taking control over your own life. And to a certain extent, it is. But there are factors in our society as Americans that have really gotten out-of-control. In other countries, new mothers have an opportunity to take real time off to spend with […]

Connecting With Elizabeth Edwards

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog and sister sites (via conference call) Chicago Moms Blog and DC Metro Moms Blog had a unique opportunity to meet with Elizabeth Edwards in San Jose yesterday. As I’ve been contributing to the blog now for over a year, this was my second chance to meet with this remarkable woman, […]

Liveblogging SVMoms Meeting Elizabeth Edwards Today

Today, I had the opportunity, along with the Silicon Valley Moms, to meet with Elizabeth Edwards again, wife of presidential candidate, John Edwards. Last fall we met with Mrs. Edwards and we all really enjoyed that experience, so we worked hard to make it happen again. This time, we decided to live blog the meeting […]

Cows vs. Cars – Is McDonald’s More Toxic for the Planet Than GM?

This is an article from late last year, but it was forwarded to me this week and really gives an interesting perspective on air pollution and the environment. Not that auto pollution isn’t awful, but this article explains how livestock growth actually emits more greenhouse gas emissions. The solution? Consume less meat. I’m not saying […]

Vote in BlogHers Act Poll on Global Healthcare

BlogHers Act is taking on a year-long initiative to make an impact in an area selected by BlogHer members. We voted and the topic selected was global healthcare, but since that is so broad, we’re trying to narrow it down some. Here’s a poll on sub-topics. You can select more than one… View MicroPollWeb SurveyFree […]