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TechWomen, Technovation & Global Women in STEM

A few years ago I started participating more in events that help educate, inspire and empower women and girls in tech not just in the US but globally. I had such an amazing experience meeting and talking with women tech entrepreneurs in Moscow for the first ever Startup Women Forum, I was hooked. So from […]

Recent News

In June, Sarah served on the host committee for Netroots Nation in San Jose. In May, Sarah spoke at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on “Cybersecurity: Transparency and Civil Society.”  She was also interviewed on WMCLive, the Womens Media Center’s Radio Show, about cybersecurity, women in tech, and workplace flexibility in Silicon Valley. Sarah […]

Recent thoughts on open government and cybersecurity

The two biggest issue areas in IT policy that I’ve been working on the past few years include open government and cybersecurity. While they may sound like they’re in opposition, that’s not really the case. It is possible to have smart security and open government. Not everything can be open, not everything can be secured. […]

Social media for breaking gender barriers in government

One of the things I’ve tried to do with this blog – since it’s a casual one – is make a lot of useful lists for people. I’ve written some of those at other places as well, and put tips in other locations, but most of my notes, lists, tips tend to end up here. […]

Fem2 and the Politics of Inclusion

I’m submitting a session for the Gov 2.0 Camp LA Women in Technology track. Here’s the scoop: Although the concept of open government & transparent processes assumes equal ability for participation, there are still spaces and situations in the world of online politics and government 2.0 where some or all women get cut out of […]

Recap of a busy week – politics, new media, gov 2.0 and more

Last week was a whirlwind on the local level… after Newsom dropped out of the CA governors’ race, I wrote a piece about it that had a pretty good reception at The Huffington Post but was maimed by trolls at SFGate. Having seen this happen before for other writers, I reluctantly decided to remove all […]

July 4th Patriotic Song List

In honor of the celebration of our Independence Day, I put together as many patriotic tunes as I could find for an iTunes mix. Many didn’t make the cut, but I selected my favorites that fit together in the most celebratory arrangement I could work out for a July 4th cd mix, song list here […]

My Afternoon at the White House

Me behind the podium in the White House press briefing room today. I arrived late to the press briefing, but luckily the Press Secretary was behind schedule as well. After I settled next to the wall (where apparently CNN would catch me on TV anyway), I tweeted the press briefing. Then I spoke with press […]

Phew! It’s finally over… but I miss the campaign.

It’s difficult to explain post-election feelings I’m having this year. In 2004, I worked 16-18 hours a day on a presidential exploratory organization only to have it evaporate, leaving me completely spent. I then moved into consulting for a nonprofit and tried to help with the Kerry campaign on the side as able, but there […]

Blogging the Democratic National Convention This Week

Thanks to the MOMocrats for initiating this great project… I’m going to Denver today, covering the Democratic National Convention for several online publications (mostly blogs) including: Sairy BlogHer MOMocrats Obama HQ Blog WomenCount Blog FutureCampaigns Blog Silicon Valley Moms Blog Huffington Post – Off the Bus The Political Voices of Women I’ll be spending time […]