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Settling Back into Screenwriting

For most of us, once we’ve found a craft we enjoy or a meaningful pastime, it sticks with us — even if we haven’t done anything with it in years. That was the case with me and screenwriting, a pursuit I began in college after recognizing a knack for writing dialogue while working on a short […]

Why I Love Science Fiction

I’ve loved science fiction since before I knew what a genre was. I first saw Star Wars at age four, so that was my intro to the genre. I’m sure I could barely read at the time. I always found all stories about planets, stars, space travel to be fascinating. For books, it was probably A Wrinkle in […]

YouTube as the Media of Record?

I participated in FutureCast in April, hosted by Andrew Keen in Palo Alto, and the guest speaker was filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, who released her film, The Science of Character, globally that day. The discussion following the film encompassed a wide range of topics and ideas about the future of technology, but mostly it focused on […]

STEM and Star Wars

Today, I spent a good fifteen minutes waiting for starwars.com to load from my iPhone in a parking lot as I waited to read the big casting announcement for the first in the Disney-Lucasfilm partnership to take over Star Wars: Episode VII. Once the page finally came up on my phone, I realized that this […]

Join Me at South by Southwest Interactive

March 13-17, Austin will be buzzing with web and new media professionals and enthusiasts for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference, part of the entire SXSW festival which includes music and film and spans over a week of events. I found out a couple of days ago that I will be leading a Core […]

Indiana Jones Predictable But Satisfying

Until a few years ago, Harrison Ford was always my favorite movie star to oogle and I still love his films, but at one point I realized he was much closer to my parents’ age than mine, so I reluctantly moved on… as does the series with the new film. However, I snuck away yesterday […]

Rosebud Revisited – Peter Finch & Thunderbird Theatre Production in SF

What do H. G. Wells, Orson Welles, Huey Lewis and Tom Stoppard have in common? “Aaah! Rosebud,” a new play by KFOG News Director, Peter Finch, directed by Dylan Russell and produced by the Thunderbird Theatre Company. A comedy of Evil Dead proportions, featuring an “evil sled” (often referred to as a “she-devil” by multiple […]

YouTube Videos a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I’ve figured it out. The Republicans are the ones really behind the videos like “1984”, “Obama Girl” and “I Feel Pretty” (or whatever it’s called – aka, Edwards’s hair). They purposely chose images and audio that would get stuck in our heads and cause psychological trauma in order to weaken us, and it’s working. Now […]

Green is Greater than Gold

In an international, star-studded event, tonight’s Oscars captured not only a billion viewers but it conveyed a strong message of environmentalism and world cohesion. One of the films was described as “a time-bending rumination on today’s global village”, but that could have described many of the movies highlighted by the awards tonight. Several Aussies, Mexicans, […]

Congratulations John Knoll

I’ve never met John Knoll but we exchanged e-mail a decade ago when I was finishing school. His father, Glenn Knoll, served as Interim Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. As President of the University of Michigan Engineering Council, I interacted with him regularly and I also served on the […]