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TechWomen, Technovation & Global Women in STEM

A few years ago I started participating more in events that help educate, inspire and empower women and girls in tech not just in the US but globally. I had such an amazing experience meeting and talking with women tech entrepreneurs in Moscow for the first ever Startup Women Forum, I was hooked. So from […]

On Becoming an Author

On the eve of my book’s publication and introduction to the world, I thought I should write down my thoughts about the whole experience of becoming an author so I will remember them, and share them for others who seek to follow a similar path. Like many, I romanticized the idea of becoming an author […]

Hillary in Hillsborough

How could she not open her speech by talking about the weather on a day like yesterday? I could see across the Bay from this amazing property in Hillsborough – Redwood trees, gazebo and terraced gardens overlooked a tented lawn and the most perfect pool setting I’ve seen outside of Italy. Hillary Clinton, hopeful first […]

Tailgating with Sandra Day O’Connor

I was late arriving to a “tailgate” at the Stanford Law School on Saturday and nearly tripped over two members of the Secret Service. For those of us in the Bay Area (vs. D.C.), that usually means there’s a presidential candidate in the room, but in this case, it turned-out to be two Supreme Court […]

Liveblogging SVMoms Meeting Elizabeth Edwards Today

Today, I had the opportunity, along with the Silicon Valley Moms, to meet with Elizabeth Edwards again, wife of presidential candidate, John Edwards. Last fall we met with Mrs. Edwards and we all really enjoyed that experience, so we worked hard to make it happen again. This time, we decided to live blog the meeting […]

$100 Will Soon Buy A Laptop & $200 Will Send a Second To a Child in Rwanda…

Or Haiti, Cambodia or Afghanistan. Pretty cool, huh? According to BBC News, the laptops will be green or white and will work in the sun and with a variety of power options. The program is called G1G1 or “give one, get one”. It’s developed by OLPC (One Laptop Per Child). They supposedly run on 10% […]

Interesting Nonprofit Concept – donorschoose.org

Crate & Barrel sent me a letter about a month ago saying that they wanted to thank me for being a customer and that they were doing a program where customers can select where a $25 donation will go. Thinking the site would be some portal to non profits, I checked it out and also […]

Arthur Miller Theatre Finally Opening Thursday

Arthur Miller is one of those names that always comes up when American Playwrights are discussed. He first wrote plays at my alma mater, the University of Michigan. I don’t know if any were ever produced there when he was a student, but I certainly have fond memories of my playwriting classes and the play […]