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Social Media and the Pervasiveness of Unfinished Thoughts

I remember someone telling me when I was a teenager that time speeds up as you get older. As I was then so impatient to graduate and move on with my life, it didn’t make any sense and didn’t make me feel any better, but now I look back on it and the truth in […]

What I Did This Spring: TechCamp

I first visited the quaint Eastern European city of Riga, Latvia in the summer of 1989. Nestled between the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Estonia, Latvia represented the second stop in our People to People delegation of Kansas high school students touring the USSR. After a grim few days in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) where […]

ACM: Shifting Culture through Technology Research & Policy

When I worked as a systems and network administrator (translation: IT wrangler) back in the nineties, I learned an important lesson that the people in tech only get noticed when things break. If they work well, everyone’s happy. If they don’t work well, suddenly you’re in demand. Technology is a tool and it’s neutral. We […]

Facebook Birthdays

Today’s my birthday, and everyone knows it thanks to Facebook. But I’m OK with that because I have come to look forward to the birthday greetings once a year, particularly after my dad’s death. It’s been nice to know friends are nearby, sending kind notes and messages. The Causes app is also great – I […]


I had the opportunity to see Arianna Huffington give a keynote speech at a great event and wrote it up at The Huffington Post. While there’s some controversy about HuffPost’s use of bloggers, etc., there’s no doubt that Arianna is an inspiring, smart woman. And I happen to like her a lot. Her book, On […]

Living on Twitter and Other Thoughts on Social Media

I’ve been living on the 140 character micro-blogging world of Twitter more than ever lately – it’s easy given my mobile lifestyle and I’ve become quite enthralled by the community and immediate nature of it all. But eventually it can become too much. Sunday night, we had the #fem2 (Fem 2.0 conference follow-up) live chat, […]

Late Night Amusement – Russian Spam

I get the best Russian spam late at night these days – somehow it’s evading both of my spam filters – but instead of deleting it, I’m using it as a chance to brush up on my reading in Russian. And the messages are a great combination of really basic words that I know, complex […]

William Gibson’s Latest Novel

Spook Country, I read in a recent Wired interview that William Gibson’s latest is more of a spy novel than sci-fi, so I decided to pick it up one day at the Stanford Bookstore and start reading… it had been a few years since my last foray of Gibson’s work – Idoru, I think it […]

Soviet Era Video Games Resurfacing

According to Wired, 32/70 of the world’s only video games ever built or played in the Soviet Union have been unearthed and are now on display in an old bunker at Moscow State Technical University called the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. Supposedly during their use (70’s – 90’s), most games cost 15 kopeks to […]

Eco-Fads in Magazines & Atherton Green Event

Green is the new black, gray, white, and everything in-between this month. With Earth Day around the corner, everyone is jumpimg on the eco-bandwagon. San Francisco led the publication frenzy, with Town & Country and 7×7 not far behind. Oddly enough, Town & Country was the only one to include a section printed on recycled […]