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New media revenue models

At today’s Women in Periodical Publishing annual Women’s Leadership Conference, many of the sessions focused on the future of media and how to make money off the media (i.e. how to stay alive, adapt and thrive). Since the speakers were so kind to share what they have learned from their research and experience, I compiled […]

Top Twitter Tools List

In working on my article for Digital Landing on how to make the most of Twitter, I researched dozens of great applications. Since I couldn’t write about them all in my article there, I decided to post the list of what I looked at here, so anyone can have a look. Of course there are […]


A lot’s been happening lately for me – elsewhere… so here’s a bit of a summary for those who are curious. Also, I keep recent news of what I’ve been doing professionally updated typically at my professional website, SarahGranger.com. My new media consulting (via PublicEdge) is going well. I’m working primarily with WomenCount as their […]

Joi Full ICANN

Joi Ito has written an interesting post about his time on the ICANN board and his views on the process. “With all of it’s tumultuous history and bumps and warts, ICANN, in my opinion, is the best way that we can manage names and numbers on the Internet and any new thing to try to […]

Hillary Hopes to Breathe Life Back into Work-Life Balance

I used to think creating work-life balance was a matter of just taking control over your own life. And to a certain extent, it is. But there are factors in our society as Americans that have really gotten out-of-control. In other countries, new mothers have an opportunity to take real time off to spend with […]

Announcing Playborhood – A Site for Developing Neighborhood Communities Surrounding Play

I’m participating in a new project – Playborhood.com – just launched within the hour, where our goal is to reach out to people who seek better play-based communities and neighborhoods for their children. So many families now have structured play all the time and neighborhoods where they don’t feel safe letting their kids just go […]

Cows vs. Cars – Is McDonald’s More Toxic for the Planet Than GM?

This is an article from late last year, but it was forwarded to me this week and really gives an interesting perspective on air pollution and the environment. Not that auto pollution isn’t awful, but this article explains how livestock growth actually emits more greenhouse gas emissions. The solution? Consume less meat. I’m not saying […]

Women and Flexible Work Options

I just wrote a long post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about the recent series of articles in The Mercury News by columnist Sue Hutchison, discussing various issues relating to work for today’s parents. (It focuses on the moms, but to be fair, these issues relate to dads too.) I was quoted in two […]

British Farce Spoofed for Googlers

Lauren Weinstein has produced a song, “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Googler” which is cute. It doesn’t capture the entire essence of Google, of course, but it’s amusing nonetheless. If you don’t already get the theme, it’s Gilbert & Sullivan’s “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” from The […]

Mercury News on Mommy Wars

I was quoted last week in the San Jose Mercury News about the “mommy wars” hype and some follow-up to the discussion on the Merc blog via a series of articles by Sue Hutchison. I wrote a lot more about it than she printed, of course, but essentially my thoughts on the topic are that […]