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The Internet is Helping Us in Natural Disasters, But Not Enough

I just published a new post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about what’s now being called the “Summit Fire” in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Watsonville. As a kid who grew-up in tornado country, I was completely clueless about wildfires until yesterday. Now I’ve been studying everything available online to track the blaze because […]

Buying & Selling on EBay While Giving to Charity

My husband is now working on the charity-related auction program within eBay and their umbrella name is Giving Works. Giving Works allows buyers to search by items that donate parts or all of their proceeds to charity. It also allows sellers to donate a percentage of their sale proceeds to the organization(s) of their choice. […]

Save the Environment This Week & Wildlife Next Week

I didn’t intend for my blog to turn into a chronicle of non profit events, but since that’s one of the things I spend the most time on, I hear about a lot of wonderful opportunities to give to organizations in need so for now, until I move philanthropic activities to another site, here’s another […]

Mountain Lions & Leopards & Lynxes, Oh My!

Last night, I attended an event for Leopards, Etc. that brought big cats up close to the attendees. For a small venue in Los Altos Hills, they packed in more people with cameras than are at major philanthropic events in San Francisco. This was way better than celebrity-watching, IMHO. These big cats, brought down from […]

Local Pet Photo Blog

The San Jose Mercury News has this adorable pet photo blog that features pets and wildlife submitted from readers. It’s filled with photos and videos mostly of cats and dogs, and allows comments as well. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger