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Carol V. Granger’s “Intimacy of a Place” Photography Exhibit

For Kansas City dwellers or visitors over the next few weeks who may peruse this blog, I want to invite you to view an intriguing gallery exhibit (I’m biased, certainly) by my dad’s wife, Carol V. (Vanderwal) Granger. Carol is a former Hallmark photographer who has spent much of her time since retiring nearly ten years ago developing expansive landscape photographic images and creating a substantial collection. Her work is currently on display at the Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst College until December 16th. I had the privilege of stepping through the exhibit last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But don’t take my word for it – here’s the Pitch review. The review, by Ray Barker, calls the exhibit “mesmerizing”, “peculiar”, and states “the focal point is a weird shape of nature”. I would say that is the case, but Carol’s work over time has been more about the intersection of nature and human development. He also notes, “Granger’s adoration of nature practically subsumes her.” Carol describes her work as “…about visualizing the contemporary man-made landscape in its constant evolution of expansion and retreat.”

The show is called “Intimacy of a Place” and the black-and-white digital photographs portray a number of locations primarily in Minnesota and Florida. Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday, noon-5pm. It’s at 1100 Rockhurst Road in Kansas City. For an appointment outside regular gallery hours, call 816-501-4407. To view some of Carol’s previous work online, goto the PhotoEye Gallery, click on the “Galleries” link and type “Granger” into the search.