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Calling All Readers

My book has now been out for two months and it’s been great fun seeing people reading the book from all over the country. It has done well selling on Amazon and is in a number of different bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Powell’s stores, Bay Area chains like Book Passage, Books Inc. and local bookstores. It has gotten a good amount of media buzz and some online reviews. Now I need a favor from those who have purchased and reviewed the book – please review it!

If you bought the book online, it’s best to go back to that site, log in and review the book there to authorize that you are a legitimate reviewer (Amazon has this feature – I’m not sure about others). If not, I ask that readers go to Barnes & Noble or Goodreads to write a review since there are not as many reviews there yet, whereas the book has multiple reviews on the Amazon site.

Here are links and instructions for where to go and how to review The Digital Mystique:

  • Amazon – go to the bottom of the existing reviews and select “Write a Customer Review”
  • Barnes & Noble – that page should have a box and star selection area to enter the review directly
  • Goodreads – click on the empty stars under the book cover image, select star # then a small window will pop up to select “Write a Review,” click on that then you’ll see a box to write a review
  • iBooks (Apple) – note: you have to open  iTunes / iBooks to provide a customer review

Thank you for your help!