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Bloghers Act – Initiative Launching in 3 Weeks

Blogher, for those who don’t know, is a women’s blogging community online through their site, ad network and cross linking and offline through their conferences and informal local gatherings. The Blogher ’07 annual conference is happening at the end of July in Chicago. (It looks like I’ll be there as a panelist for their Blogher Second Life online series. I just signed-up, so I’ll post more info later.) They are launching an exciting new initiative to harness the power of their fantastic women’s network.

Their program is called Bloghers Act, and it has two goals: 1) make a difference in a single cause (voted on by Blogher members) and 2) identify the top 4 issues we feel candidates need to address in the upcoming election. It will be interesting to see where the votes come out.

I would love to see candidates more seriously address some of the issues I didn’t vote for, like “separation of church and state”, but I know too well most of the candidates won’t dare to go there for fear of losing a large segment of voters, so instead I chose to hear more about what they want to do about the environment and the economy since they’re both ticking time bombs. Whatever the Bloghers come up with, I’ll support it and I hope to be involved on some level to see it through. I think it’s a great idea and a wonderful way to harness the power of women bloggers.