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BlogHers Act for MOTHERS Act

We’ve all heard the stories – moms who are incapacitated by depression, launched into this state of anxiety, sadness, loneliness that they can’t seem to break out of – it’s called Postpartum Depression. But what many people don’t know is that this disease is much more complex than it sounds. In fact, one thing I haven’t seen mentioned in other posts about this is that depression related to pregnancy and childbirth can actually begin while you’re pregnant, and can affect the pregnancy itself. An important issue, to be sure, and I applaud the BlogHers Act organizers for choosing to endorse this.

The Senate is now reviewing an act, called the MOTHERS Act (“The Mom’s Opportunity To Access Help, Education, Research, and Support” for Postpartum Depression Act). This is one of those bills that just says – hey, let’s address this problem in a more cohesive fashion. I haven’t had a chance to read the text of the bill in detail yet, but from everything I’ve heard, it’s a worthy effort.

Rather than going on about this, I’ll direct you to Glennia Campbell’s post at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog where she goes into a bit more detail about the bill itself. Also, there are several other great personal stories on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog that I highly recommend reading, and of course at BlogHer.