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BlogHer 2007 Update

I’m entering day two of BlogHer – yesterday we launched BlogHers ACT and we’ll be focusing on “global health” which encompasses a lot of issues, so we’re working on narrowing it down. Two big things that came out of the brainstorm session yesterday were “empowering midwives” and “clean water.” Essentially women and children are the most affected around the world in terms of health risks and early deaths – especially childbirth-related – and so things like birthing kits and clean water can make an incredible difference on alll levels. It’s tricky to do all of this, of course, but BlogHer has tens of thousands of bloggers (I don’t remember the exact figure off the top of my head right now) in their system so if we can even mobilize 1/10th of that online, choose a specific mission, partner with some great organizations, we’ll be well on our way to raising awareness and getting something done. I’ll be blogging a lot more about specifics over the next few months.

Today the politics track takes place including my Second Life panel at 1:30 Pacific/SL time. We’ll be discussing candidates in Second Life and online in general and how these online media like blogs are making a difference in the campaigns. My virtual session overlaps slightly with the end of the GOTV session here so that’s a bit of a bummer, but for the most part people can goto both and then the closing keynote will be from Elizabeth Edwards.


  1. >The Second Life politics panel time turned out to be two hours early at 11:30 Pacific/SL time. Sorry for anyone who missed it!

  2. >ps – I’ll post about my panel soon.