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Big Data, Cybersecurity & Digital Empowerment

In my career to date, I’ve researched or worked on pretty much every topic in information technology and digital media, from online culture to data security. Sometimes it seems like I’m shifting gears from one radically different topic to another when I speak to various media sources as an expert source, but at the foundation, it all comes from a deep and broad interest in technology — something I expect I will always find fascinating.

So in the past couple of months, I provided expertise on cybersecurity incident response planning, I weighed in on the usefulness of big data, and I talked a lot about the pros and cons of digital media and how it can empower us in our everyday lives. In any given day over the past year, I could be found researching new concepts in emerging tech, exploring different startups for value propositions, or talking to others in the digital media world about what they’re doing in this area. It’s all a part of the same big picture. Where have we been so far, and where is technology taking us? I’m looking forward to whatever comes next, whether I write about it or not.