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Welcome to segmented. Since blogs typically include segments of news, ideas, thoughts and information, that’s where I came up with the name. It also happens that s-e-g are my initials.

This isn’t my first time blogging, but it’s the first weblog I’ve created on my own, so it is an experiment of sorts. I was knee deep in the blogosphere when the hype began but didn’t see the pull to start my own at the time – I knew the time commitment involved and wanted to wait for the right moment.

As to the content, I outlined this blog to focus on technology, politics, culture and arts but I will most certainly cover other topics. I designed my own degree program entitled “Technology & Society” where I studied technology policy, politics, economics and culture. My career, including BBS development, network consulting, computer security, web startups, Internet campaigns and online activism, has been centered around that. However, I wear many other hats – writer, parent, volunteer, world traveler, philanthropist, activist, musician, figure skater – but I prefer not to be defined by any particular role. These are all a part of who I am.

I may be able to hack a kernel, sing an aria and land an axel, but I can’t make this blog successful without fresh ideas and participation from others. So I welcome your thoughts and comments as I embark on this new venture. Appreciez!


  1. >Yea! I can’t wait to

  2. >Looking forward to reading!

  3. >Woo hoo! Make it happen, cap’n!

  4. >great job so far Sarah. I keep a blog too. But most of my thoughts are too disjointed and random to share with anyone.Adige