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Best R2-D2 Toy Yet

Last Christmas I got the coolest R2-D2 toy in the world. It’s a small robot toy slightly over a foot tall and it actually responds to voice commands. This year, it’s out in force in catalogs and I highly recommend it for Star Wars fans.

I have an R2-D2 collection that began in college. Not on purpose. It was somewhat organic in its growth, but I always loved Star Wars as a kid and played with the action figures. I never had the R2 action figure as a kid, and as I grew older, and learned about computer security, I began to admire the character’s hacking skills. I always loved his personality. In addition to a couple of other simpler remote toys, I have a life sized R2-D2 cooler (purchased on eBay by a friend of mine as a gift several years back) that holds all of the R2s except this new one. It serves drinks at parties, just like in Return of the Jedi.

My favorite feature of the toy is that when you say “hey artoo”, then “game mode” followed by “dance program” it plays the Cantina Band song from the first Star Wars film (Episode IV) and it dances, swiveling and turning back and forth. Highly recommended holiday gift.