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Back in the Metaphorical Saddle

When I began this blog, I vowed to keep it up as much as possible but not to sweat it if I got behind on occasion. The past few weeks have been that occasion. As a relatively new mom who works part-time, writes part-time, volunteers part-time and recently bought a new house, I’m totally over-committed, so for a few weeks, blogging had to take a back seat. We took a family trip, then I came home and looked at the piles of boxes cluttering our floors and I’d had enough. So I spent last week unpacking the rest of the house.

My friend, Sherri, tagged me over the weekend and I haven’t blogged about what’s up with me for a while anyway, so for friends and family who visit this site, here’s the latest update: we’re now mostly moved in, thankfully. We still have a few more things to purchase – rugs, deck furniture, lighting, curtains – but it’s looking like a home now. Our daughter is growing fast, but of course we’re behind on putting photos up on her site so one of these days that will happen (that’s the self-appointed job of el spouse). We’ve been spending a lot of time researching and visiting preschools since she’ll be there the next time we blink.

On the writing side, I have a couple of projects in the works. One is a site about home networks that will launch soon – I’m writing articles for that – and the book proposal I’ve been working on and off on this past year is going through one more revision for a publisher that’s very interested. Yeah, you can say I’m excited about this, but I won’t disclose any more until there’s a signed contract. I have another potential paid blogging project I’m considering as well.

I’m still consulting – doing work for nonprofits and political organizations helping them with their networks, web sites, online marketing, email processes and content management. I’m taking on fewer clients right now until J is in school – our time together is precious so writing gives me more flexibility to be with her. And then I’m still involved with the Jr. League of Palo Alto/Mid-Peninsula and the Ballet San Jose. We always attend other fundraisers for community organizations but we’re slowing down on that for a while. My recovery from J’s birth is still moving slowly (nerve damage – supposedly nerves take the longest to heal) so I’m trying to focus on that as much as possible. Next year, we bought Theatreworks season tickets so we’re looking forward to trying that out.

That’s the news from the personal side of things. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.