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As Obama Evades Issues, McCain Uses Web to Make Them His

John McCain’s web site currently has some really great images and big text emphasizing his concern for the environment. He’s got a little whiz-bang presentation that really says nothing but looks fancy and makes people feel safer about his take on “climate change” and cap and trade. It shows how jobs will improve in the system (oversimplified to say the least). The use of green and pretty pictures is effective in grabbing attention.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s web site is begging – on the splash page, no less – for cash. Which is actually very effective. And Barack Obama’s got John Edwards next to him in images on his splash and home pages, like they’re a couple or something, they’re so cute and cozy. At least Obama is working for his last remaining delegates.

However, yesterday when a reporter in Michigan asked Obama to give her a real policy response and he answered with “hold on, sweetie,” never to come back with a word about the issue at hand. That’s already biting him.

I personally am sick of how little attention the environment is getting in this election. I’m really amazed given all that Al Gore and others have done over the past few years to raise awareness. It’s pitiful. But what’s worse is that the Republican candidate is the only one talking about it. (It being “climate change”, of course, never “global warming.”) Democrats have been the only ones giving the environment more than a second thought for years, and now McCain is trying to take the issue and make it his.

Tactics-wise, he’s doing a better job than the others. He’s in a position where he can talk about whatever he wants right now until a nominee is selected from the Democratic side, so it’s smart to focus on the environment now, before he’s forced back onto talking about the war and the economy 24×7. Still, I wish there were more dialogue about what needs to be done, and I wish we had real leadership on the issue from someone we can trust will make it happen.

FWIW, I’ll have a post up on MOMocrats about this topic later today or tomorrow.


  1. >I can picture it now…To Queen Elizabeth II: “Nice tiara, Sweetie”To Margaret Thatcher: “Yeah, Sweetie, you were a great Prime Minister”To Nancy Pelosi: “Hey you’re rockin’ that Speaker of the House position, Sweetie”