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All-Star Event in SF for Eco-Conscious December 12

Global Green is having a party in San Francisco in a few weeks that will raise money for their programs. It’s a great organization, founded by Mikhail Gorbechev. Gary Hart was on the board for a long time, and current board members include Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

The invitation shows a long list of hosts, some of whom I know well. I highly recommend the event if you have the time and money and are inclined to give to environmental causes.

Highlights include… “Celebrity Hosts, William McDonough on Cradle To Cradle, Eco-Couture Fashion Show, Ecofabulous Green Design Showcase, Organic Cocktail Party, VIP Rooms, Organic Spa Treatments, Best of Green Silent Auction, Eco-Chic VIP Gift Bags, Event design by Sillapere, Clean Car Showcase, Carbon neutral by MMA Renewable Ventures, Target zero trash, Vintage furniture & reincarnated materials.”

“Global Green’s mission is to create a global value shift toward a more sustainable future by working to solve global warming, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and ensure access to clean water. Global Green is the U.S. affiliate of Green Cross International, Mikhail Gorbachev’s environmental organization. Global Green hosts the Red Carpet, Green Cars Campaign at the Oscars, and they just led the Sustainable Design Competition to help green-rebuild New Orleans with Brad Pitt.”